Jerico Datatool

Datatool imageThe Jerico datatool will be based on the existing EMECO marine datatool architecture. The tool will also be adapted to accept further data output from other Work Packages in the Jerico project on a pan-European scale. The tool will give users access to integrated data products and data sets via a user interface hosted on the JERICO Community Hub. The user interface will be targeted at public and educational sectors. WP7.2 will also provide access to JERICO data via the EMECO datatool for 1 year. This tool is aimed at scientific and policy users.

The EMECO marine datatool currently accepts data in a large number of common data formats, including NetCDF, XML, Excel, Access, ASCII, KML, TXT and others. The JERICO datatool could be enhanced to take other data formats if necessary. Data are converted into XML and read into the EMECO database. Integrated multi-platform, multi-parameter, and multi-national data can then be output as maps, KML, XML, CSV, and time series charts via a simple user interface, which is hosted at and targeted at scientific and policy users. The Jerico datatool will provide these products and services on a pan European scale.JERICO data will be provided from WP's 3 and 4 via WP 5, which will devise a common data format for exporting JERICO data into the JERICO datatool for public outreach and education. This will also be useful for scientists and policy makers. The common data format from WP 5 will also provide data to other EU and National data centres and European initiatives in place (e.g. MyOceans, ECOOP, SeaDataNet) during the course of the JERICO programme.