Jerico User Display (JUD) for Ferrybox

Beta testing now in progress

JUD stands for Jerico user display. The JUD is a graphical display that shows data collected during ferry crossings. Its intended use is for generating interest amongst passengers on board the ferry where it is located.

The bathymetric map and track plot, an example of which is shown in Figure 1, can be interleaved with other images to make a rolling display as described in Figure 2. In its current configuration it displays a looping sequence of pages that are of two types. The first is an image file (any format that PHP is capable of formatting). The second is a track plot that displays the most recent legs of the ferries’ journey.

Jerico Ferrybox User Display Track Plot

Figure 1. Track plot of the Transpaper ferry overlaid on a Gebco Bathymetric image

The track plot is overlaid on an image file which is currently set to a bathymetric map of the region through which the ferry travels. The track plot is constructed from the last set of input files it receives in ASCII format.

Example JUD Page Sequence

Figure 2. An example of a Sequence of pages displayed by the JUD

Once the JUD system has been configured so that it knows where the data are located it expects an ASCII file containing header information over a field of data. The header is displayed above a colour bar on the track plot showing the values of the parameter being plotted. Configuration of the Jud takes place via a web interface; a control panel contains links to options which include basic setup and editing slides. It is the editing slides link that controls the number of and order in which the slides are displayed. At the heart of the JUD lie an Apache Web server and a MySQL database which are manipulated via code written in PHP. The language and the structure of the JUD code has been chosen to allow for flexibility in its development; all of the code is accessible however some parts are less likely than others to be modified. For instance it is anticipated that the data collectors may be modified by end users to suit the data collected but the Web Server aspect is less likely to be modified. The structure, shown in Figure 3, takes account of this. The choice of software also allows the JUD to be platform independent.

Jerico Ferrybox User Display Schematic

Figure 3. Schematic over view of the JUD architecture.