JERICO-Next User Engagement Panel - Application Form

The JERICO-NEXT project aims at extending the EU network of coastal observations developed in JERICO (FP7) by adding new innovative infrastructures while integrating biogeochemical and biological observations. The main target of JERICO-NEXT is to provide continuous and high-value coastal data coupling physical and biological information by further developing, harmonising and integrating nationally funded marine observing systems, collecting physical, chemical and biological parameters from different platforms. It aims at providing researchers and other stakeholders with data that can sustain both innovative high-quality research, new knowledge supporting European directives, and business opportunities.


Evaluation of the oceanographic measurement accuracy of different commercial sensors to be used on fishing gears

The aim of the paper is to assess the accuracy for physical oceanography purposes of some commercial sensors (Star-Oddi and NKE) installed on fishing boats in the Adriatic Sea.


More measurements will improve knowledge of the status of Europe's coastal waters

A new EU project will improve observations of the status of Europe's coastal waters, including algal blooms.


Jerico NEXT proposal scores highly and receives funding

We are very pleased to inform you that the JERICO consortium have received the official notification from the European Commission for Jerico NEXT.

"With a score of 14.5 on a total of 15, I'm glad to inform you that the project will be funded by the European Commission at the expected cost level, of just under 10M€." - P. Farcy.

Firstly, we wish to all of the consortium for the active participation toward this success and express our satisfaction at the prospect of collaborating closely over the next 4 years.



Scholarships for postgraduate Course in Applied Oceanography - Malta

In October 2014, the Physical Oceanography Unit of the IOI-Malta Operational Centre at the University of Malta will be offering a new Master course in Applied Oceanography. This will be open to both local and foreign students with a post-graduate degree ... 


FCT Jerico event at Oceanology International - Presentations

Presentations from Oceanology International that took place on Thursday 13th March 2014 9am - 5pm

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Deadline for Third TNA Call Extended

Considering the notifications we're receiving on proposals in
discussion between proponents and facility operators, we hereby wish to
inform that the deadline of the Second Call has been postponed to Monday
25 NOVEMBER 2013 23:59 HOURS (CET)

Read more about the second call

JERICO TNA sampling polar organic chemicals in marine water with organic –diffusive gradient in thin-film (o-DGT)

This experiment under JERICO TNA started on 11th September, 2013 with the ferrybox together with the ‘Chem-Mariner’ unit in the ferry of Color Fantasy travels between Oslo (Norway) and Kiel (Germany) and with the fix station in Cuxhaven in Germany. The experiment is planned to end in the middle of October, 2013.


The Jerico presentation at the MonGOOS 2013 annual meeting

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